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Indian Cow Images

53 Indian Cow stock photos

The cow is a revered animal for Indians and is worshipped on harvest festivals. Here is our collection of stock images of Cows in India - which is everywhere!

Indian Woman Milk A Cow By Hand, At Sarbhog In Barpeta District Of Assam
nice cows
A woman keeping tilaka on a cow's forehead. praying cow.
Cow Herder
Cows, animals
Happy Farmer with cows at Rann of Kutch, Bhuj
Cow in Manali
Grazing by Himalayas
Cow Manure - Fresh Cow Dung On Ground. A Fresh Cow Manure On A Ground.
cow eating grass in agriculture fields
Cow Leading Other Cows And Bulls on A Bridge Towards Home
Two Cow. One Cow With Upside Down Horn.
An African cow along the coastline
A cow grazing in the meadows in Khajjiar
baby cow
Wind Mills  On Green Terrain Lands With Cow Grazing
A calf drinking milk from mother cow
A cow in the pasture
Cow Dung cake Closeup Shot
Cow / Cattle Feeding on the Hills Of Lonavala
Cow Herders
Cow Herder
Travel Life/ a cow on a hill at chikmaglur
Streets of Bundi, Rajasthan
Woman loading dry Dung Cakes into truck.
Milkman / Cow / Cow Farming / MIlk
cow milk
Animal love at Shree Panjarpol Sanstha
Rural Indian Cow & Calf
Herds of cows on their way back home
Cow in field
Cow baby
Cow shelter in village of chhattisgarh for organic compost.
Cows Grazing Along The Forest Area Along Masinagudi, Mudumalai National Park, Tamil Nadu - Karnataka State Border, India.
Close Up Of Cow Nose With Rope On Cow Face Isolated On Nature Background. Indian Cow Nose With Rope.
White India Cow Grazing In Field
dung cakes production in an indian village.
A cow in a village
Silhouette Of a Man Taking Cow For Grazing Over a Sunset
Indian Rural girl taking care of the cows
White Cow Grazing in Green Terrains
Cow Eye Closeup
Ganga Aarti  Brass Plates  Filled With Camphor And Dried Cow Dung Cakes  in Varanasi
Stray cows grazing grass on the road divider
Cow dung
A cow