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Rickshaw Images

40 Rickshaw stock photos

Pulled by animals and sometime hardworking men, this was a common means of transport for the Indian people before the era of motor vehicles and cycles. You can still find these in rural areas and remote places

A hand cart puller walk past a mural
A Rickshaw Puller Carries Essentials  On His Cart During Nationwide Lockdown Amidst Coronavirus or COVID-19 Outbreak in Guwahati April 24,2020
Rickshaw Puller or Rickshaw man  Riding  Rickshaw  on Howrah Roads  in  Heavy  Rain  Due To  Cyclone  Fani
Rickshaw Driver
School Children in a Rickshaw
A rickshaw puller wades through a flooded road during heavy rains in Ajmer, On August 1, 2020.
A Labour Carries Essentials Past A Mural,During Nationwide Lockdown Amidst Coronavirus Or COVID-19 Pandemic  In Guwahati, Saturday, May 09, 2020
A girl takes a rikshaw ride in Prayagraj to board a bus to reach her hometown as arranged by the Uttar Pradesh government as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 in addition to the government imposed nationwide lockdown, April 28, 2020.
A Man Pulling  Loaded  Hand Cart At a Railway station During a Nation Wide Lock down For Corona Virus Or COVID-19 Pandemic In Guwahati, India . April 16,2020
Workers  Push A Cart With  Groceries During A Nationwide Lockdown In The Wake Of Coronavirus Pandemic, In Nagaon District Of Assam ,India
Cart Pullers Taking Rest On Carts in Guwahati Fancy Bazaar , Assam
Rickshaw standing in a raw
Rickshaw Puller  Or Rickshaw Man Riding The Rickshaw On  Howrah Streets in Heavy Rain Due To Cyclone  Fani
Rickshaw Puller  Or Rickshaw Man Riding The Rickshaw On  Howrah Streets in Heavy Rain Due To Cyclone  Fani
Rickshaw Driver
Commuting Tri cycle or Rickshaw
Rickshaw man carrying a load of sugarcanes on his rickshaw in a street
Kids on Street pulling a Rickshaw
Rickshaw Puller
Daily labour
Hard working rickshaw in street
A Man with Rickshaw carrying onion Sacks
Hand Rickshaw
Driver Sitting On His Bicycle Rickshaw In The Streets Of New Delhi, India
Old Time-Worn Bicycle Rickshaw, Streets Of New Delhi, India
Indian worker man riding rickshaw with load
Indian Old Man Pulling a Rickshaw on the Kolkata Streets
A Farmer Carrying Paddy Sapling Bundles in an Rickshaw At Paddy Fields in Nagaon, Assam
A Rickshaw Pullers  on Flooded Roads Of Guwahati Due To Seasonal Floods in Guwahati City , Assam
An Indian Street Child riding Trolley Rickshaw
Young Indian Boy  Carrying Heavy Load On Rickshaw on Roads
Men pedaling the rickshaw
Indian Rickshaw Pullers
Rickshaw wala
A Local Man on Rickshaw
An Old Man  Riding A Rickshaw  on The Roads
Rickshaw man
Life in  motion