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Varanasi Images

28 Varanasi stock photos

Our collection of Varanasi focuses on the city and it's people, ghats, and the religious - The City of Light is a grand celebration of pilgrims through the year.

Local Man Sitting And Chit Chatting With Each Other at Manikarnika Ghat  In Varanasi
Ganga Arthi
Mornings in Ganga Ghats
Spread the Light
When Souls Fly
Dev Diwali in Varanasi
Hindu Priest at Varanasi
Man Reading Newspaper, Varanasi
Temple in Varanasi
Devotees praying to Lord Shiva
Kid in Lord Shiva attire at Varanasi
Children jumping into the Ganga river
A Boat Rider Or Helmsman  At Manikarnika Ghat Watching The Burying of Dead Bodies  In Varanasi
Dead Bodies Being Burnt  As a Ritual of Indian Hindu Devotees  at  Manikarnika Ghat  In Varanasi
Priests Performing The Ganga Haarathi Or Aarthi
Flower Merchants
Locals At varanasi / Varanasi  Locals
Priest performing Ganga Aarti / Ganga Aarti
Ganga Aarti / Priests Performing Ganga Aarti
Boat Sailing  in Ganga River Varanasi / Sailing Boats on Ganga river in Varanasi / Boat Transport in Varanasi
Ganga Aarti / Priests Performing Ganga Aarti
Sadhus at Tea Stall, Varanasi
Devotees at Varanasi
Ghats of varanasi
Morning at Ghats of varanasi