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lakshmiprasad S

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Portrait Shot Of Happy Muslim Kid With Indian Flag In Hand Saluting By Looking Camera - Concept Of Nationalism, Patriotism, Republic Or Independence Celebration.
Stock Market Bull And Bear With Indian Flag As Background - Concept Of Investment In Indian Equity Sensex Share Market.
Unrecognizable Close Up Shot Of Customer Making Payment Using Qr Code In Smartphone To Barber - Concept Of E Payment Or Digital Pay, Cashless Technology, Recommending E Pay
Happy Hindu Muslim Kids Showing Unity By Holding Hands Together By Looking At Camera On Gray Background - Concept Of Diversity, Bonding And Multiethnic Friendship.
Happy Indian Woman Holding Tab By Looking Camera - Concept Online Advertisement And Shopping Promotion During Festival Season.
Selective Focus On Quadcopter, Engineer Student Connecting Battery To Drone At Home Laboratory - Concept Of UAV Experiment By Testing And Assembling
Mother Covering Child With Blanket While Kid Sleeping On Sofa - Concept Of Motherhood, Love Of Mother, Relationship And Bonding.
Studio Shot Of Young Sikh Man Seriously Thinking And Calculating Tax Or Financial Expenses On Calculator
Drone Pilot With Safety Helmet Operating Drone Using Remote Controller - Concept Of Engineer Using Drone Technology To Survey Land.
Pilot With Safety Hardhat Flying Drone Using Remote Controller - Concept Of Engineer Doing Aerial Survey Or Inspection Using Uav.
Focus On Hands, Concentrated Artist Making Clay Ganesh Idol For Ganesha Festival - Concpet Of Hindu Religious Festival Preparations In India.
Young girl artist teaching canvas paiting by recording on camera - concept of online teaching, virtual class or education during coronavirus, covid-19 pandemic.
Cute Girl Kid Saying Keep Silence Quite By Placing Finger On Mouth On Blue Studio Background By Looking At Camera.
Holy Indian God Man Or Guru With Rudrakshi Mala Using Laptop - Concept Of Online Horoscope, Astrology And Fortune Telling Using Technology And Internet
Smiling Indian God Man Or Guru Doing Namaste By Looking At Camera - Concept Showing Of Saint Or Minister Of Hindu Religion
Studio Shot Of Happy Smiling Kid Holding Mobile Phone With Green Screen In Front Of Lord Ganesha Idol During Festival Celebrations.
Shoulder Shot First Person View Of Gamer Playing Video Game On Green Screen Mobile Phone While Talking On Headphones At Esports Gaming Tournament
Group Of Gamers With Medical Face Mask Playing Video Game On Mobile Phone At Esports League Or Tournament During Coronavirus Or Covid-19 With Safety Measures.
Middle Aged Businessman Smiling While Using Mobile Phone At Office - Concept Of Using Social Media, Internet, Checking Mails And Communication At Workplace
Farmer Capturing Photos Of Crop Saplings Or Plants At Greenhouse Or Polyhouse To Check About Plant Gowth Or Pest On Internet - Concept Of Farmer Using Technology, Internet And Smartphone
Happy Smiling Indian School Kid Holding Back To School Sign Board On Blue Background
Elderly Man Practicing Tennis Near Net - Concept Of Healthy And Fit Active Old People.
Worried Stressed Out Young Man Due To His Father Covid 19 Infection And Breathing On Ventilator Oxygen Mask At Hospital - Concept Of Mental Illness On Family Members Due To Coronavirus Pandemic.
Sick Elderly Man With On Ventilator Oxygen Mask Checking Health Status Report On Mobile Phone - Concept Of Shortness On Breath Or Lung Infection Treatment For Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection
Concept Of Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccination For Children - Young Girl Kid Getting Jab Or Vaccinated To Against Covid At Hospital
Close Up Head Shot Of Old Man Breathing On Ventilator Oxygen Mask At Home Due To Coronavirus Covid-19 Breathing Problem And Viral Infection
Close Up Top View Head Shot Of Old Breathing With Ventilator Oxygen Mask At Hospital Due To Coronavirus Covid-19 Breath Shortness Or Dyspnea
Two Senior Men With Medical Face Mask Holding Yoga Mat Coming To Park For Exercising During Morning - Concept Of New Normal Healthcare And Fitness During Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic.
Girl Greeting On Online Class From Mobile Phone For Exercise - Concept Of Online Yoga Live Streaming On A Smartphone - Yoga Trainer Teaching Via Internet From Home.
Young Millennial Girl Learning Yoga From Home During Online Class By Looking Laptop - Concept Of E-Learning, New Normal, Home Workout Due To Coronavirus Covid-19 Lockdown
Focus On Vegetables, Volunteer Holding We Can Help Sign Board During Donations While Other Volunteers Busy Working Background - Concept Of Requesting For Donations.
Unrecognizable Volunteer Holding Donation Box With Vegetables - Concept Of People Volunteering To Help Others During Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown.
Shopkeeper With Medicla Face Mask Checking Ordered Bags Before Handover To Customer - Concept Of Order Confirmation, Taking Orders From Phone During Coroavirus Covid-19 Pandemic
Young Man Excited Over Announcing Graduation Names Over Video Call While Holding Certificate - Concept Virtual Graduation New Normal Due To Covid-19 Coronavirus Safety Measures.
Young Kid With Face Painting Fools Or Making Prank To His Brother While He Is Busy On Mobile By Suddenly Screaming And Shouting From Back Side At Home During April Fools Day Celebration.
Selective Focus On T-Shirt, Pasting Aprils Fools Day Sticker On Young Mans Shoulder While Busy On Mobile Phone - Concept Of April Fool Day Celebration And Making Fool.
Shoulder Shot Of Young Man Receiving Prank Latter - Concept Of April Fools Day Prank Showing By Sending Surprise Letter, After Opening Mentioned April Fool In The Latter.
Young Man With Medical Face Mask And April Fools Day Sticker On Mask - Concept Of April Fools Day Celebrations During Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic.
Serious Indian Woman Busy Using Mobile Phone While Sitting On Sofa At Home - Concept Of Social Media Bullying And Online Messaging.
Indian Woman Busy Explaining From Board During Online Class By Looking Camera At Home - Concept Of E-Teaching, Remote Learning, Virtual Education During Coronavirus Outbreak
Young Man Busy Learning How To Use Dumbbells Through Online Tutorials By Seeing Laptop At Home - Concept Of Home Gym, Exercise Due To Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic.
Selective Focus On Notice Board, Doctor Pasting Covid-19 Vaccine Not Available Notice On Door Front.
Tired Kid Sleeps While Busy Reading Book For Examination On Sofa - Concept Of Lazy, Not Interested Preschool Children
Close Up Selective Focus On Joystick , Kid Busy Playing Video Game While Books In Front Foreground - Concept Of Kids Gaming And Education.
Young Man In Work Out Or Doing Exercise Using Dumbbell At Home - Concept Of Home Gym Due To Coronavirus Covid-19 Lockdown.
Wide Angle Shot Of Young Man Busy Using Mobile Phone During Work Out At Home - Millennial Checking Online Exercise Tutorials For Workout
Wide Angle Shot Of Young Man Busy Using Mobile Phone During Work Out At Home - Millennial Checking Online Exercise Tutorials For Workout
Indian Woman Professor Correcting Answer Sheets Of Books By Referring Books At Home At Working Desk.